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 The Sophistication

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PostSubject: The Sophistication   Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:04 pm

It has always been said that the great difference between humans and animals is the ability of humans to speak, but it doesn't allow him to go forward, even a centimetre, from his animal-like temperament, for he is forever pre-occuppied with sex.

I'm sure that even if asked, which he would prefer, the sexual (fucking) man or a spiritual man, he would choose the one which he has always chosen. He is an animal who has discovered that he can fuck mouths, have his penis sucked, and employ a vast array of other sexually satisfying acts.

How the imagination of a human, when he is fucking a donkey, or when she has been fucked by that, for the mighty God at the beginning of the creation, has been not a disappointment!?

If we forget about those humans who have sacrificed themselves for the promotion of human advancement, we can see that the rest of this so-called higher creation of God, have done nothing but fuck each other for their animal-like lust, since the beginning.
You have no doubt seen animals in a sexual situation; it's instinctual, they don't know what they are doing, they have been spattered with sexual chemicals on their sexual organs, but when such stuff spatters on the human brain, he thinks that maybe fucking anuses is better than fucking a vagina and so on.

Who said that a human's brain has better functioning than an animal's? I've seen cats that think better than many of them, and I've never seen them when they are fucking each other, and they certainly don't allow four cats to participate in their sexual activity, and I swear that a cat could never imagin fucking a hen!!!

Im not trying to dissuade you from being a human; you are a human; one who supposed a supposition of the God as Devil and suppose him invisible for ever, and called himself as the best creature of him, and "killed him"

You are not a prayer, you don't need to do that. The God is dead because you have killed all of his Prophets, and have disregarded his gifts, and have fucked all of his creatures. He asked you "read" but you didn't, because fucking was easier and pleasurable for you.

Now look at your Pen and your Penis: whats your opinion? Have you ever thought that anything like a Pen(long,Thin) may transform a girl into an animal in one minute, not Vice Versa?

Have you ever thought that a Heart which is beating hard because of meeting a Penis by a vagina, or vice versa, not because of transferring blood will cause the Brain SO much weaker than Sexual Organs?

Have you ever though why you respect anything which has a correlation to your sexuall imaginations?

Have you ever thought that you are in respecting sex from Birth to Death?

The circumcising was a payment which your parents paid for respecting against their Glows. They taught you a pain before any pleasure because it was all of their experiences in the whole of their lives. They'd learnt that their sexual organs would function properly even if they didn't bother themselves by using their human abilities at all, Then You'll learn to enclose your Penis into any unknown hole or insert them into your vagina, not because of making them known,just because of feeling the painfulness of them.

You would be merry with those pains and would pay your whole lives for them and would expect God to dispose of you, all of his angels in the heaven to be fucked by you.

Who are you???............... Fuckers!!

In the name of God the compassionate and the merciful
Fuck in the name of God who created,created Human of the blood clot.
Fuck, and your God is much more merciful,he taught Human by Penis!taught Human those which he didn't know........
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The Sophistication
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